terça-feira, agosto 07, 2007


Pete doherty acaba de saber a sentença.
Durante 4 semanas o tribunal vai avaliar o seu comportamento e decidir se ficará preso!!

Agora nem sequer vou traduzir....

However, he has been allowed to play the Festival Heineken Paredes de Coura in Portugal on August 12 and the V Festival on August 18 and 19.
He said (Pete): "I can't stay with my mum, not while he's with my dad. I'm not quite sure where I'm staying. Are there any NME readers outside London who want to put me up?"
YES, come to Portugal FOREVER!

But they, they have a way
They have a way to make you pay
And to make you toe the line
Sever the ties
Oh I'm so clever
But clever ain't wise

Fuck forever
If you don't mind

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